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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedure Barrie

The NaturalTuck by Dr. Guirguis is a customized tummy tuck procedure that is able to eliminate the bulkiness in their mid-section and dramatically enhance muscular definition without extensive visible scarring. You'll love the fact that you are finally able to have the flatter stomach and cinched-in waist you may have lost following childbirth or aging.  In fact, research into the benefits of cosmetic surgery indicate that you may also feel any of the following:

  • Much happier, in general
  • More attractive—you like what you see in the mirror!
  • More confidence to pursue things that you probably wouldn't have pursued before your tummy tuck, like a romantic interest
  • A better sense of self that isn't masked by a pessimistic outlook
  • An urge to change for the better in many areas of your life, such as eating habits and personal grooming

Research has proven that when you like how you look, it contributes to your psychological well-being. Can you imagine how great you would feel if you loved how you looked?  


It's time you've made a positive change in your life. Book your private medical consultation at (705) 737-3933 to find out more about the exclusive NaturalTuck tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedure

6 Unique Reasons Why Dr. Guirguis's NaturalTuck Gives You A Leaner Body Contour, Without Scars Everyone Can See (Even When You're Wearing a Skimpy Bikini!)


1. This unique tummy tuck requires no drains after surgery. A more traditional tummy tuck involves the placement of drains, which are basically tubes attached inside your body that extend outward, allowing for excess fluids (ie serous fluid and blood) to be eliminated from the body to reduce swelling. Patients often have to record the amount of fluid that accumulates and report these figures back to their surgeon, as excess amounts may be an indication of infection, improper healing or a seroma. It is customary for drains to remain in place for about a week or more, which means patients have to be extra careful maneuvering around so as to not disrupt their placement. Drains are messy, uncomfortable, a nuisance to deal with and have been associated with higher rates of infection, seroma and a longer recovery period. However, their use is not necessary if advanced surgical techniques are applied.


By carefully repositioning and attaching the skin and soft tissues to the natural anatomy of the abdominal muscle wall with a clean multiple suturing technique, Dr. Guirguis seals the tissues tightly, eliminating any spaces inside the body where fluids could collect and contribute to excessive swelling and seroma collection. This makes drains totally unnecessary. It also provides extra support to the treated tissues, allowing for more stability of results. While your surgery may take a few minutes longer, you'll have a shorter recovery period so that you can show off your results sooner!


2. Dr. Guirguis uses a type of "Quill" suture when closing any incisions. Although these dissolvable monofilament sutures are more expensive and take a few minutes longer to apply, they require no knots to ensure the incision is closed as snugly as possible and reduces the risk of the negative skin reaction that is associated with their less expensive, braided counterparts. There won't be any fluid accumulation and it contributes to less visible scarring.


3. Dr. Guirguis is a general surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery, as certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Because of his training as a general surgeon, Dr. Guirguis has advanced knowledge of internal anatomy (in fact, much more so than a plastic surgeon). This allows him to place incisions as low as possible without adversely affecting internal organs. This means that the resulting scar always remains well hidden by underwear and bikini bottoms.  


4. If you're female you'll appreciate the fact that for no additional cost, Dr. Guirguis will perform liposuction on your flanks during the surgery to enhance your results, giving you back that hourglass figure you once had.    


5. Your NaturalTuck involves the reconstruction of your umbilicus (belly button) to preserve its natural three-dimensional shape with a "reverse V" incision. After seeing the flattened, stretched out belly buttons and circumferential scars created by more traditional forms of abdominoplasty, our patients often express concern about this, stating that they don't want that to happen to their belly button. Don't worry, because your belly button will be restored back to its natural shape, similar to how it looked when you were younger, and without any scar circling it. 


6. Doctors have found that your mental state can impact the rate at which you heal, as well as contribute to the overall success of your surgery. But how would you feel if you had to change your own bandages when they got messy and clean your incision lines after your surgery? Or, in your compromised state, travel to see your surgeon the next day just so that they could do this for you, when all you want to do is rest?


Usually, traditional wound care involves a trip to your surgeon the next day to have your dressings changed. It also involves having to change your bandages at least once a day, whenever they get messy. You have to clean the incisions before applying new bandages. This practice not only introduces the possibility for infection and mistakes, it also destroys your body's natural infection-fighting bacteria that is vital in the healing process.  


Dr. Guirguis understands that you need to recuperate from your surgery, without worrying about your dressings. He wants you to feel as comfortable as possible while you recover. For this reason, your incisions will be dressed with the latest in medical technology: the "Seven Day Second Skin Bandage". This bandage allows you to take a shower the very next day after surgery and you won't have to change it! For a week, the bandage maintains a sterile environment in which your incisions can close properly, allowing your body's natural "good" bacteria to assist in the healing process. When it comes time to change them after a week, removing your Second Skin bandage is pain-free.  


These bandages may be a little more expensive than traditional dressings, but it is something that our patients truly appreciate. It has become an integral part of our Continuity of Care philosophy, in which we implement anything that makes your surgical experience a better one. Research published in the American Journal of Surgery has found that occlusive dressings like the one we use not only reduce the risk of infection, but also reduce inflammation and subsequent scarring.

abdominoplasty barrie

Imagine if you could have the flatter stomach you've been dreaming about. Get it back now. Call (705) 737-3933 now. Book your consultation here.

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Why do drains after surgery increase complications?
The placement of drains after a cosmetic surgical procedure is common. These drains are basically tubes attached inside your body that extend outward, allowing for excess fluids (ie serous fluid and blood) to be eliminated from the body to reduce swelling. However, numerous medical studies have shown that drains can increase the rate of complications and prolong the recovery process for a number of reasons:

1. There is a higher rate of infection because harmful bacteria can enter the incision more easily. The longer the drains are in place, the higher chance an infection will occur even if antibiotics are prescribed.
2. A more noticeable scar may result because the incision is open for longer.
3. Your recovery tends to be longer because it relies on the drain to function properly (and, yes, sometimes they do malfunction!). This also involves you emptying the contents of the drain, and recording the amounts for your surgeon. Higher amounts of fluids may indicate infection or seroma, a more serious complication that indicates the presence of an abnormally large pocket of trapped fluid.

It is standard practice for surgeons to make incisions inside the body without first seeing where to place them, in the hopes that nothing gets accidentally cut or punctured. Excessive, unnecessary bleeding is typical, so much so that drains may be needed to eliminate the blood. To ease bleeding, surgeons then rely on drains as well as the pressure from the implants (in the case of breast augmentation) and dressings. In addition, drains are also necessary to eliminate fluids that collect in empty pockets where tissues are not sealed firmly. This is very common in abdominoplasty, aka tummy tucks. Wouldn't it be better if you didn't need drains in the first place?

As a general surgeon, Dr. Guirguis understands the complications that can arise from using drains. For this reason, he seals all tissues firmly during surgery, eliminating any spaces inside the body where fluids could collect and contribute to excessive swelling and seroma collection. This makes drains totally unnecessary.

In addition, Dr. Guirguis believes that operating "blind" causes trauma to the patient that can be totally avoided by simply using a fiberoptic headlight, which he wears throughout the surgery so that he can see exactly where every incision he makes is located inside the patient's body. As a result, the risk of accidentally puncturing vessels or internal organs is exponentially decreased, and he is able to avoid cutting any vessels that could contribute to unnecessary bleeding. His patients never require the use of drains, during or after their surgery.
Do you make these 4 BOTOX® mistakes?
1. You ask for too much because you want to really get rid of those wrinkles.
Too much BOTOX® can make you look frozen, surprised, or prevent you from making certain facial expressions. It can also cause your eyelids to droop or accentuate the bags under your eyes. The purpose of treatement is to give you a refreshed appearance that appears natural. Therefore, you shouldn't aim to get rid of every little wrinkle, as it may look abnormal. A few traces will certainly make you better, but not like a different person.You want to look your best.

2. You ask for too little, because you don't want to look frozen or are being frugal.
Why bother going forward with treatment if you just want a tiny bit that may not improve how you look? It's best to talk to your injector and find out how much they think is suitable to achieve what you want. You know that too much will make you look weird, but the amount your properly trained, knowledeable and experienced injector recommends is based on their expertise as a medical professional. That's why it's important to choose an injector that you can trust, supported by the right credentials.

3. You price shop.
BOTOX® is a medical treatment. Don't go for the cheapest just because you don't want to spend so much. Ask yourself this: why are they selling it for so much less than other places? You probably won't know the answer to that question. Every medical clinic and injector purchases BOTOX® for the same price from Allergan (the manufacturer), so what is being decreased or cut so that they can sell it for less? Remember: if they aren't getting enough patients to use their supply and are trying to sell it off for a cheaper price, then you probably won't be getting a fresh product.

4. You think that BOTOX® will smooth away your wrinkles entirely.
It's not unusual to assume you won't have any more wrinkles in the area you have treated, but don't expect every single wrinkle to disappear. Some wrinkles need more than BOTOX® as they may be permanently etched in your skin. These "static" wrinkles cannot be targeted with BOTOX® and require injectable fillers to smooth them out. During the consultation, you'll find out if your unwanted wrinkles can be addressed and to what extent.

Memberships and Qualifications held by Dr. Guirguis

Dr. Emad M. Guirguis is recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as a general surgeon, with additional recognition as a cosmetic surgeon. He is certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to perform cosmetic surgery, after completing a comprehensive cosmetic surgery certification process. Dr. Guirguis is also a member of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons. Dr. Guirguis currently has hospital privileges at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Read more about Dr. Guirguis.